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12 Brilliant Wardrobe Ideas from Out-Of-The-Box Bedrooms

Are you getting your room refurnished and don’t know how to go about it? When furnishing your room and space is a restraint, it can be challenging to decide what you need and what you don’t. Plus, you need to make it all look appealing! If you’re seeking some unique ideas for creating a beautiful but practical space, here are the top tips from wardrobe makers at Out-Of-The-Box Bedrooms:

  1. A bed with a built-in storage – If you need extra space to accommodate all those things you own but don’t want to give away, this is the best option. Store all manner of possessions, including your blankets and pillows, in the accessible storage below your bed. This frees up more room for a fitted wardrobe!
  2. Consider using wide furniture – Did you know that wide furniture makes your room appear bigger and more spacious? Use a wide dresser as a built in wardrobeand fit in all your things in the different compartments – it’ll add a different look to your bedroom altogether!
  3. Put every hook and corner to good use – Do you have lots of extra stuff and don’t know where to put it?Try placing small drawers and dressers in every corner of the room to save space, accentuate the layoutand keep everything looking clean and organised. This works particularly well for rooms with built-in wardrobes.
  4. Embrace minimalism– A great way to make your décor stand out, particularly when using wide furniture, is to focus on minimal designs? Keeping things simple helps create ambience and accentuates the entire appearance of your room. A bonus of minimal décor is that it doesn’t usually take up much space.
  5. Create new possibilities with sliding doors Sliding door wardrobes are amazing for several reasons. They not only offer plenty of storage for clothing and other possessions, but also make efficient use of space. This is because you don’t have to make room for a large, hinged wardrobe door to open without the room feeling cramped. Besides, sliding doors those cover entire walls adds a stunning look to your bedroom.
  6. Take inspiration from boutique designs – Do you wish it looked all compact and sassy? Experiment with boutique-inspired designs. For example, make use of glass doors, cabinets, shelves, drawers, closet rods and walk-in wardrobes to make it allappear stylish and practical.
  7. Create new rooms with a wall divider – For studio apartments and other small shared living areas, privacy can sometimes be hard to come by. Simple wall dividers can be a practical way to temporarily turn a single space into two makeshift rooms.
  8. Install a cupboard facing your bed –Sometimes it’s hard to work out where to put your cupboard or wardrobe. Try utilising the wall facing your bed by adding a storage unit with hinged wardrobe doors to give your bedroom a classy appearance and storeall your things efficiently.
  9. Turn your window into a cozy and comfy nook – Build around a window in the wall and get all your storage units Have an exclusive window seat with this wardrobe solution that not only looks unique but alsoacts as your own little escape.
  10. Have a glass divider if you hate permanent dividers – Are you the one who prefers open layouts with more natural light? At the time of your wardrobe installation, have your closet or wardrobe behind a glass divider that separates it from the rest of the room, adding a classy and stylish touch.
  11. Install inbuilt shelves– Inbuilt shelves and media units make for excellentcustom wardrobes and help save space while adding a super savvy appearance.
  12. Have an inbuilt vanity – Built-in wardrobes are perfect solutions for homes with limited space. Have your vanity shelves attached to a mirrored wardrobe that accentuates the appearance of your room and saves space.