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5 Things to Watch Out for Regarding Gutters

Gutters are an essential part of everybody’s home, even though most people hardly give them a second thought. They move water away from the home’s outer walls, windows, doors, and foundation, and prevent water from making its way inside.

Although cleaning the gutters periodically will help to maintain the longevity of your system, most gutters will eventually have to be repaired or replaced with time to help protect your home. Make sure to keep a keen eye out and look for these five signs to help determine when it might just be time to replace your home’s gutter system:

  1. Cracks or Splits

You might think that small cracks in your gutters may not seem like much of a big deal, but these same cracks will eventually turn into larger ones and perhaps even sooner than you imagine. If you allow cracks and splits to remain without taking care of them, water will not only further damage gutters, it will damage the fascia boards, the shingles, the gutter and the foundation below.

  1. Peeling Paint on or Around Gutters with Orange Specks

Gutter paint is specifically designed to withstand the normal wear and tear throughout all seasons, but if your gutters are aging, peeling paint or orange specks indicate the first stages of rust. This possibly suggests that water is not being moved away from the gutter, or that there may possibly be cracks or other damage and you should contact professional roof tilers in Sydney, for an assessment.

  1. Any Signs of Mildew or Pools of Water around a Home’s Foundation

Gutters are made for the keeping of water to flow away from your home’s foundation. If you happen to notice any pools of water or mildew anywhere close to the foundation, it might suggest that the gutters are not working as they are intended to. This may be caused by something as simple as a snag or perhaps something more serious like a flaw in the gutter system. Water will with time cause foundation damage, leading to costly and extensive repair work.

  1. Water damage or Water Stains Directly below the Gutters

Make the habit of checking out your gutters at least annually and do it on a nice clear sunny day withoutany rain. Any sorts of marks beneath the gutter reveal that water is overflowing from the gutter and this kind of water encroachment can damage your soffit and fascia board5.

  1. Gutter Sagging or Starting to Move Away from the Home

This is by far one of the simplest signs of knowing that you really need gutter repairs or gutter replacement and you won’t need to go up a ladder and check it out! No gutter should ever be sagging or pulling away from the home and this clearly shows that the gutters are full of water and pulling away due to water volume.

Keep that roof in great shape and soundly over your head – Stay safe and dry!