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The Advantages of Installing a Ground Source Heat Pump

Ground source heat pump (GSHP) technology has been around for a while now but most homeowners are yet to make the switch. This may be due to a lack of understanding of the basic principles or because of the fear surrounding costs.

With this in mind, we will explain exactly how ground source heat pumps work to allow you to make an informed decision. A decision that could likely end up saving you money.

What is a Ground Source Heat Pump?

Named as such because they extract heat present within the ground, GSHPs act as an efficient way to supplement the heating provided to your home.

A collector sits underground which comprises as a network of pipes. Within these pipes is a liquid which forms the medium of heat transfer. As the liquid circulates underground through the system, it is heated up by the abundance of heat present within the ground and then taken back into your property.

It is here that that liquid is pumped through a heat pump where it can then be distributed to where it’s needed, including for the provision of hot water and for use in a central heating system.

How Efficient Are They?

A well installed GSHP can be anywhere up to 400% efficient. That means for every unit of energy consumed in its operation, four units are produced in return. This in itself makes it the most efficient way to provide heat to your home.

To put that into context, your carbon emission output could potentially fall by up to 50% in comparison to the use of a gas fired boiler system.

How Much Do They Cost to Install?

Costs will vary with the type and overall scale of the installation required. A survey will be needed to decide whether a horizontal trench or vertical borehole is most suitable for your property but costs can start from anywhere up to £1000 per kW.

In addition, there are often schemes available which can further lower the cost or reduce the payback time for your installation. The Renewable Heat Incentive is one such scheme where you could be paid up to 19.33 pence for every kwh of energy produced.

The Advantages

Just some of the many advantages include:

  • The removal of the requirement to store heat locally by the way of timber or wood pellets for a stove.
  • Far less maintenance is required than a traditional combustion system.
  • Heat pumps can provide cooling in summer as well as heating in winter.
  • A well designed and installed heat pump could increase the value of your property.

If you’re convinced that a new ground source heat pump could benefit you, consider getting in touch with a specialist. There are several suppliers offering heat pumps in Dudley so get in touch with a few for a quotation. Most will also be able to advise on likely capital cost payback time.

Expensive heating bills will soon become a thing of the past once more people begin to invest in alternative sources of heating. Stay ahead of the curve and give it some thought today.