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Annoying Pests: Why Mosquitoes Are Such Troublemakers

Mosquitoes are among the most widespread pests on the planet. In fact, there are only a handful of places in the world where mosquitoes don’t live. Since the beginning of mankind, they have always been around to cause problems. Let’s find out why these blood-sucking insects are so annoying.

Disease Carriers

From the West Nile Virus to malaria, mosquitoes have helped spread a number of devastating diseases. No other living species has caused a greater number of human deaths. The recent Zika virus outbreak has certainly triggered a lot of concern throughout the country. If an infected mosquito bites an expectant mother, it has the potential to cause serious birth defects. Unfortunately, there is no vaccine currently available. The best approach is to always take the necessary precautions.

Mosquitoes Reproduce Rapidly

Never overlook the presence of mosquitoes on your property. Because these insects produce so many offspring at one time, they can quickly become a major problem. A single female mosquito can easily lay up to 300 eggs. Furthermore, it takes less than seven days for a newborn mosquito to mature into an adult. Professional exterminators, such as Mosquito Squad of Charlotte, recommend homeowners to take action immediately.

Can Ruin Outdoor Gatherings

Mosquitoes are especially active during the warmer months. This is bad news for the folks who love to cook outdoors on the grill. While you are lounging on the deck or talking with friends in the yard, expect mosquitoes to be on the prowl. Body heat and lactic acid are major attractions for these pests.

Irritating Bites

Mosquitoes are relentless predators that never give up. Once they have locked onto their target, a full-fledged attack is bound to happen. Be especially careful around mosquito swarms. Although most mosquito bites aren’t infectious, the itchiness can be extremely agitating. Furthermore, some children are especially prone to having an allergic response to mosquito bites. Some of the symptoms of a bad reaction include headaches, swollen lymph nodes, and low-grade fevers.

Hard to Get Rid Of

For good reason, most people hate the mere sight of mosquitoes. Once mosquitoes have created a new breeding spot on your property, they can be a pain to remove. Keep in mind that mosquitoes are not just a problem for outdoor lovers. A mosquito’s tiny size enables it to easily slip into your home.

As you can see, mosquitoes are nuisances that can cause a lot of trouble. By taking a few extra preventative measures, you will be able to keep these parasites away from your family. Treating your property and removing any standing water from your yard will make a big difference.