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The Benefits of a Resin Driveway

A typical driveway is made of concrete or asphalt. The ground is graded so that it is as smooth and level as possible. A layer of gravel is laid down and then raked smooth. Finally, the actual paving surface is laid. For an asphalt driveway, it is then seal coated. The seal coat will need to be reapplied every few years, and the concrete will need to be reapplied every decade or so. Cracks and chips appear pretty frequently in asphalt and concrete driveways. Furthermore, the minute seams where the pieces of asphalt connect are often the place where weeds and roots emerge. That can speed up the amount of damage done to a driveway. The alternative is to install a resin driveway.

Resin Driveways

Resin is a flexible non-slip substance that is poured over the existing surface of a driveway. It is allowed to set over the course of a few hour. It then creates a flexible and durable surface to the driveway. Resin is a great choice for your driveway because it can be applied over the surface that you have now; also, it only takes a few hours to apply. Since it is all one bonded surface, it does not have the cracks and vulnerabilities of concrete or asphalt. Roots and weeds cannot grow up between the cracks because there are no cracks. Furthermore, resin drives in Bishops Stortford are the safest driveway option.

When a freshly coated asphalt driveway gets wet, it can get very slippery. Resin driveways don’t have that problem, however. The resin itself is a very durable, non-slip surface. Furthermore, it is set with an aggregate.


Aggregate is a combination of many different stones and pieces of stones. After the resin is laid but before it sets completely, the driveway architects can roll in an aggregate of different stones. The different stones are pressed into the surface of the resin so that they stay there. Resin holds very tightly to the stones, so they are unlikely to come loose and damage your vehicle. The aggregate also provides an extra layer of traction when it is wet. Also, it allows or your driveway to have a very natural look and feel.

They are similar to tar and chip driveways in that way. Furthermore, the look of resin driveways with chipped stones set into the surface is considered one of the best options for driveways. It combines the functionality and durability of resin with the natural stone look of a tar and chip driveway.

Lastly, resin driveways are maintenance-free. Concrete needs to be patched from time to time. Asphalt needs to be patched as well as sealcoated every few years. Resin will not degrade or decay for decades. The only real damage that occurs is from chemicals dripping from your car or from physical damage. The oil and other liquids that drip from your car can be very corrosive, and that can wear away the surface of a resin driveway. You will simply need to patch it with the same resin material. Just that easily, the wear is resolved.