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The Deterrent Factor – The Best Way to Deal with Intruders

There are many modern systems for home security and each has its own specific advantages, but for the typical homeowner who doesn’t have the crown jewels in their bedroom, the deterrent factor is what really counts. The modern burglar is a far cry from the stereotype image we have, and no longer carries a swag bag or wears a striped T shirt, but he does look for opportunities wherever possible.

The Best Deterrent

Burglars look for signs of home security and the best way to advertise the fact is to install a few CCTV cameras. If they are in prominent locations, you can forget about any intrusions, as professional thieves are not likely to attempt a forced entry. If you live in Western Australia, there are affordable security camera systems in Perth, and depending on your home, there will be something that fits the bill perfectly.

Recorded Evidence

An alarm system might blast out a siren and turn on bright lights, but a brave burglar knows it will take a while for the emergency services to arrive and in that short space of time, you could lose your valuables. CCTV, on the other hand, is monitoring 24/7, and the recording on its own is adequate to identify the culprit and secure a conviction. This is what makes house thieves steer clear of any property with cameras in view, and that is why CCTV is by far the best home security system for the average homeowner.

Round the Clock Surveillance

Security cameras don’t clock off at the end of the day, they are on duty in all weathers, and with the right locations, you can see all the angles of your property, at any time day or night. The system would depend on your property and the best solution is to call in an expert, who will quickly recommend the best system. High resolution cameras that provide a clear image will be sufficient to let any intruder know they should move on and find a house that is not protected, and believe it or not, there are plenty of homes that have yet to install any kind of home security.

Remote Viewing

For total peace of mind, you can remotely view your home from any location in the world, as the system can easily be hooked up to an Internet connection, allowing you to see the outside of your home whenever you feel the need. This facility can make your holiday so much more enjoyable, as you do not need to concern yourself about the safety of your home while you are enjoying that much needed annual break. Even if you are out for a few hours, you can take a look at what’s happening at home whenever you like.

CCTV systems come in many shapes and sizes, yet they all offer the same deterrent factor for thieves, and any person who is thinking of a quick forced entry, will soon think again when they see the cameras watching the perimeters of your property.