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How Has Digital TV Changed Your Life?

There was once a time not so long ago when “snow” on the TV screen meant a poor signal. Many people will remember attaching an antenna to the back of the TV and moving around the room until the best signal was achieved. Sadly, most of the time the best signal was still pretty fuzzy!

This has all changed with the advent of digital television, of course, and many people are finding that they enjoy the benefits that digital has to offer. Indeed, television sets themselves have been experiencing something of a renaissance with the high-definition vision that digital TV offers.

The Benefits of Going Digital

The differences between analogue and digital TVs are actually quite large but the major benefits that the digital signal offers are listed below:

  • Clarity: Perhaps the biggest difference between analogue signals and digital signals is in the much-improved video and audio clarity that the digital signal offers. It is possible to watch programs in full HD quality so that the details on the screen are crystal clear. The much wider bandwidth of the digital broadcast allows for higher video and audio bitrates.
  • Channels: Of course, the higher bandwidth that the digital signal offers isn’t just about a better viewing experience. It also means that there are now many more TV stations available to watch. With a digital set-top box, it is possible to view dozens more channels than were previously available. This means that there is now a lot more programming and content on TV.

Taking Advantage of a Better Digital Signal

Perhaps one of the biggest problems for people who have moved from their old analogue TV setups to the new digital ones is the fact that they are still using old antennas and cables to receive the digital signals. This is not ideal because the digital signal really requires an antenna that has been engineered for digital signals. If you still have your old antenna and cables, you may experience more of the following issues:

  • Choppy signal: Unlike the “snow” experienced with the analogue signals, a poor digital signal results in choppy audio and video that freezes periodically.
  • Drop-outs: The increased bandwidth of the digital TV signal requires equipment that can handle it. If the antenna and associated equipment is not right for the job, you may experience blank screens and signal drop-outs.

Having a New Digital-Ready Antenna Installed

If you have an old antenna installed and are experiencing drop-outs and choppy signals, it may be time to contact an antenna man in Mandurah. A professional such as this will be able to install a brand-new digital-ready antenna, perform fault finding if you are experiencing signal issues, install wall-mounted TVs, and even install data points for networking purposes.

In this digital age, things move pretty quickly. No sooner had we sat down to watch the latest soap opera on TV than it seemed that we were being informed that we had to invest in new digital TVs and set-top boxes. This why it’s important to ensure that you have the right equipment from a professional who understands what he or she is doing.