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Everything You Need to Know About Roman Blinds

Window coverings, shades, and blinds bring a certain polish to any room’s interior design. When drapes are too fussy, Roman blinds and shades offer a practical and classy alternative that provides privacy and protection from the sun while warming up your windows.

Roman blinds, also known as Roman shades, in their most basic form are fabric window panels that can be lowered and raised with a cord system. When they are raised, the stacks of fabric layer in even horizontal folds.

Roman blinds in Newcastle come in a variety of styles and options that coordinate well with every flavour of home décor. Here are the basics.

Unconstructed Flats

Unconstructed flat Roman shades work well with patterned fabrics. While their appearance can be considered similar to constructed Romans, these shades are even simpler. These flats are made from a single piece of fabric with no additional panels or back bars.

Constructed Flats

This modern, unfussy, clean look works well with a variety of styles from frilly traditional to modern loft spaces. This Roman consists of panels of fabric that are sewn together with back bar reinforcements, giving a heightened sense of durability and rigidity.

Relaxed Romans

The name really says it all with these shades. Also referred to as London shades or soft shades, these casual but classy unconstructed shades gently bow when they are raised. This softer bow truly polishes off casual breakfast nooks or beachy looks.

Balloon Romans

These highly decorative shades perfectly complement traditional home décor. However, these high-class shades should be outside mounted and are not ideal for everyday use. Soft, scalloping bottom edges are typically held in in place by inverted box pleats, similar to the look of relaxed Romans.

Butterfly Romans

Uniform folds are what give this Roman blind substance and body. Cascading panels are stacked neatly on top of one another when this blind is raised. Dowel inserts and rod pockets give this this shade an immense amount of strength. This Zen-like look is a calming Asian-inspired design.

Faux Romans

Faux romans, also known as stationary shades, give the illusion of Roman-style shades without the operating mechanisms or expensive length. This monogrammed Roman look is very high-end and chic.

Waterfall/Soft Fold Romans

Waterfall shades, also known as soft Romans, feature a permanent fold no matter if the shade is lowered or raised. They can be constructed from a number of materials other than fabric, such as bamboo.

Window coverings work well as quiet complements or prominent design features. No matter what your preferred style is, Roman shades offer something for everyone in styles that are truly as timeless as they are functional.