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Guidelines for Using Podium Steps at Work

If you work at height, it is vitally important that you and your employees use the right type of equipment to ensure safety. It is best to avoid work at heights, but if your job requires it, you’ll need to purchase equipment such as podium steps to guarantee protection and minimalise the risk of injuries. If you are at risk of falling, you should do everything possible to reduce the distance and consequences of an accident.

Height Risks

Any work which requires employees to climb to dangerous heights, must be supervised by other personnel. No worker should be allowed to conduct any kind of work at heights without be monitored by a manager or colleague who is trained in first aid and accident response. It must be planned appropriately to avoid any incidents and to ensure whoever is carrying out the work knows exactly what must be done beforehand. If it can be kept to a minimum or avoided, it should be. So, for example, if you work in a warehouse and you don’t need to stock products on the top shelves, avoid doing so. Make sure employees have access to goods at arm’s reach rather than having everything stored in hard to reach places, when you need access to products which are stored at height, make sure to use a podium step.

Evaluation & Assessments

Before using a podium step, employees should carry out some risk management assessments. It doesn’t have to be too detailed, just a guideline on what could go wrong while using podium steps, it is basically an additional piece of information which supplements your safety protocol.

As a business owner, you can’t eliminate all risk from your premises, but you can do many things to minimise them. The first thing you must do is purchase the correct type of equipment, you can buy podium steps from the experts at Toptower, they have a massive selection of products on offer, so you should have no issues finding a podium step which suits your specific requirements.

Before placing your podium at work, carry out a simple risk assessment of the area. This should include things such as:

  • Carefully examining the area where you will carry out work and identifying possible hazards. These hazards should be removed or avoided where possible.
  • The podium step must be placed on a solid surface to ensure stability, if the ground is unstable it may cause the podium to sway or topple.
  • Don’t cut any corners, if you already have an area which is suited for placing your podium step on, don’t move it off this point.
  • Always use mobile access towers when areas can’t be reached by stairs or fixed access points. They provide a stable platform with added protection.

Certified mobile access towers like podium steps are perfect for working at heights, especially when areas aren’t accessible by regular means. The more you do to provide safe equipment for employees the lesser chance they have of sustaining work-related injuries, you also avoid costly insurance claims.