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Keep Your AC Running Great with Regular Maintenance

You wouldn’t drive your car for a year without having an oil change or other preventive maintenance. Neglecting maintenance on your car would increase the risk of it breaking down and possibly void its manufacturer’s warranty. The same is true if you have been neglecting the maintenance on your home’s AC unit. Failure to have your AC inspected every year means you are at a higher risk for it breaking down when you need it most. And if you have recently purchased your unit and still within its warranty period, you could void your manufacturer’s warranty agreement.

When to Have Your AC Serviced

The best time to have AC maintenance Cape Coral FL is before you put your unit back into service for the spring and summer. Think of it as another job to do on your spring cleaning list. While there are some maintenance steps that should be left to a professional AC contractor, there are some steps that you can do on your own each year:

  • Remove any debris that may have accumulated in or around your outdoor condenser cabinet, such as leaves, dirt or grass.
  • Clear debris from your condenser coil and fins.
  • Replace your HVAC system’s air filter to maintain proper airflow through your system.
  • Clean any dust accumulation or other debris of your AC’s evaporator coil found within its air handler.

Leave it to a Professional

The best way to keep your AC running at its best is to have it serviced by a NATE-certified technician that has been trained to perform AC maintenance. An experienced technician can pinpoint parts that are showing wear and tear that should be replaced and adjustments that should be performed before a mechanical breakdown occurs. Replacing parts before they fail or when they are recommended by the AC manufacturer can reduce the need for emergency service when you need your air conditioning the most.


During an AC annual maintenance service, your technician will:

  • Inspect your system for signs of damage or wear and tear
  • Check electrical connections for fraying, scorching or looseness
  • Lubricate and inspect all moving parts
  • Clean coils and compressor if needed
  • Straighten condenser fins if needed
  • Inspect the blower mower
  • Check and recalibrate the thermostat if needed
  • Replace air filter if dirty
  • Check refrigerant pressure and recharge if needed
  • Run the AC and allow it to cycle through shutdown

Save Money with Regular Maintenance

A great way to justify the cost of your Cape Coral home’s AC maintenance is to think of it as an investment to ensure your and your family’s comfort this summer. An AC that is running at its peak performance will use less electricity, which means you do not have to fear your electric bill when it arrives. Regular maintenance will also help prolong the life of your AC unit and reduce unexpected repair calls throughout the cooling season.