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Know Your Soils and Your Supplier: It Makes a Difference

Before you begin to invest in special types of soil for your garden needs, you may want to take a few minutes to become an educated consumer. Of course, this is important no matter what product or service you’re considering. But it can make a real difference when you’re trying to get vegetation to grow such as grass for a lawn or even your own vegetables.

Basically, you’ll need to understand the difference between products sold as garden soil and products sold as topsoil. You’ll find variance even within these two broad categories. To get started, give some thought to garden soil. This designation is often put on packages of pre-mixed soil which are then sold at home improvement stores. You should understand, however, this is not truly a specific type of soil.

Know Your Source

It’s important to know the source of the soil you buy because packaged garden soils are generally mixed and incorporate different types of soils with different textures. Some are meant to encourage growth of specific types of gardens or plants: flower, vegetable, herb, and so on. Try to find out if organic matter has been incorporated into the soil so you’ll know more about how it will blend with the existing soil in your garden.

The term “topsoil” is usually applied to the top layer of soil on the earth’s surface. This layer may be from ten to thirty centimetres deep, as a general rule, and the texture may vary. You should talk with an experienced professional when purchasing topsoil so that he or she can help you understand how it will work for your particular application. If you’re looking for bags of topsoil in Thirsk, be sure you work with one of the leading suppliers who hold themselves and their products to the highest standards.

For example, you can buy premium virgin topsoil screened to 10mm and clearly marked as sourced from south Yorkshire. This dark soil retains moisture well and also provides sufficient nutrition for plants, vegetables, and lawns. You can also buy mixed products that contain virgin topsoil and compost, an ideal choice for borders. If you’re seeking a pure compost for use in a specific area of the UK, you may want to look for mature mushroom compost from north Yorkshire.

Quality, Reliability

It’s important to use the right materials. This cannot be over-emphasised. If you use the wrong soil, a lot of hard work could be washed away in a heavy rain or your plants may simply fail to thrive because the soil and nutrients are not correct for that application. That’s why it’s essential to know your supplier and trust the quality and reliability of their products.

This shouldn’t be an issue if you visit the website of one of the leading providers of quality topsoil, compost, bark, building aggregates, gravel, and more. You’ll probably find that they source local suppliers in some areas, which means that you can get quality bagged products directly from someone in your area. Make the smart choice and watch your plants grow.