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Light Up Your Life.

Electricity is at the heart of all of our lives, and it’s difficult to see a time when we could do without it. We have come along way since Tesla and Edison and the consumption of electricity rises every day in every country around the world. We now use electricity to create many weird and wonderful devices that assist us with our everyday life. Without it, the world would surely be a very dark place. Education benefits because of it as do hospitals and factories. It truly is a life giving thing.

Choose Wisely.

New Zealand electricity prices have continued to rise since 2004 and are now at their second highest level in 13 years.  However, in this modern age of multiple suppliers, consumers no longer need to accept the price hike that is handed to them and they are now free to shop around for the best deal. At present, electricity prices in New Zealand range from 2,175 dollars in Auckland to 2,363 dollars in Christchurch and so choosing the right electricity supplier has never been more important.

No Contract, No Stress.

Every day we are asked to sign contracts to show our commitment to a particular company for providing our services, but what about if you didn’t have to sign a twelve month contract? What if a better energy deal was possible without a long term commitment. Thankfully, this option is now available in New Zealand and it takes away all the stress and worry associated with long term contracts. What’s more, by simply switching today, you get a one hundred dollar discount on your electricity bill.

Price Confusion.

It gets better. If you pay your bill quickly and on time, you get an additional twenty percent discount. That’s twenty per cent off for just paying your bill. That’s a fantastic offer. When it comes to billing, there can be some confusion as to what you are paying. There are many questions like, Is it cheaper to use in the evening or morning? Do I have to pay when I’m not using electricity? Is there a price difference if I am a low or high user? These are questions that need to be addressed, but thankfully your electricity provider will provide you with the information you need.  You just need to check their websites for a full breakdown in charges. It’s all made clear so there is no confusion.

There’s More.

If you are a business, there are many additional options available to you. They know you are busy and don’t have the time to run around paying bills so they have made it easier for you. You can pay by direct debit, credit card or internet banking. There is even a method called ‘Reliabill’ where they will take set payments from your bank helping you to budget better. They can take the money weekly, fortnightly or monthly and they will keep an eye on your account to insure you are not paying too much or not enough. That’s real customer service at its best.

Do It. Do It Now.

Money off your first bill when you sign up, discount for just paying your bill, no contract and prices that are fantastic value for everyone. You can sign up from your home immediately. It’s really simple, so why are you still reading this. Switch today for a brighter future.