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What to Look For in a Crane Hire Company

There are many industries that regularly require heavy lifting equipment, and aside from a few multi-national companies, the majority will outsource the lifting to a specialist third party company. There are many such companies, and knowing which one to use can be a little daunting, after all, they all claim to offer a reliable and efficient service, and if you are in need of heavy lifting equipment for a specific task, here are some points to bear in mind.

  • Well Established – When you hire a crane, you want to be absolutely sure that it will be on site at the agreed time, and should anything go wrong, the hire company should have the resources to remedy the situation. The company should have an impressive fleet of vehicles, with a range to accommodate any lifting scenario. If your business is WA based, there is an established company that offers mobile crane hire in Perth, and they are the people to talk to whenever heavy lifting is required.
  • Range of Cranes – Loading, unloading, or lifting demands a high level of safety and precision, not only that, the hire company would need to have an extensive range of vehicles, to suit all situations.
  • Qualified and Experienced Operators – The time it takes to complete the work will very much depend on the skill of the crane operator, and with many years of hands-on experience dealing with awkward loads and confined spaces, the work will be completed on time.
  • Twenty Four Hour Service – Large projects have equipment arriving on site at all hours of the day, therefore you need a crane hire company that can be there when the load arrives. When searching for a likely candidate, focus on a “round the clock” service, as you never know when you might need it.
  • Safety Standards – Any reputable crane hire company would have government certification to show that the company’s safety practices are sound. The longer the company has been in business, the better, but as a general rule, stay away from newly formed businesses, as they may be well intentioned, but lack the resources to provide an effective service.
  • Affordability – the best doesn’t always mean the most expensive, and while you do want a high level of reliability, budget is always a concern, and a good crane hire company would have many long term customers, and therefore, prices should be competitive. More often than not, the client is a regular, as heavy lifting is always required, and with so many dubious outfits offering cheap crane hire, once you find a decent company, you would stick with them.

Crane hire is a fiercely competitive industry, and in order to be sure you use the right company, the above points should help you to make an informed decision and any lifting requirements will be expertly handled at a fair price. An established hire company would be fully insured and with an excellent safety record, you can relax, knowing the work will be expertly carried out.