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The Many Benefits of an Open Fire

If you live in the British Isles, living through the winter always brings its hardships, and while it might be freezing outside, it is nice to feel the warmth of an open fire when you enter your living room. Up until a few decades ago, open fires could be found in almost every living room, especially in the northern regions, where coal was in abundance, yet today there is still a great demand for the traditional open fire and because of this, there are online suppliers who can tailor a fireplace to suit the surroundings. If you had never considered a fireplace at home, here are a few of the benefits a traditional open fire can offer.

  • An Even Warmth – If your living room sport a fireplace, the room will have an even temperature throughout, such is the heat generated by an open fire. If you happen to live in the northern part of the UK, there are affordable multi-fuel stoves in East Yorkshire, along with a range of stylish fireplaces to keep your home cosy in the winter months. Online suppliers of a range of quality units make selecting the right type of fire convenient, and they will even send someone to your home, where you can discuss your options.
  • Stylish Aesthetics – A fireplace gives you the chance to be a little creative in the lounge, and it would be the focal point in any living room. Traditional brick or stone adds character, while contemporary designs will add a touch of elegance to the modern living room, but no matter what your tastes are, there will be something ideal for your home. You could always incorporate a bookshelf into the fireplace, and with hardwood shelving and a choice of stone finishes, the fireplace will stand out.
  • Kitchen Options – Traditional wood burning stoves are making a comeback in the British kitchen, and with a nice store of logs, your home will always be warm and welcoming.
  • Cost Efficient Fuels – Burning wood is cheaper than any other form of heating, including coal and electricity, and with modern multi-fuel stoves, you are not reliant upon the electricity supply. Zone heating, or heating the area where you spend your time, is a cost effective way of keeping warm, as this allows rooms you do not use to be a little cooler.
  • An Eco-friendly Solution – By burning wood in your fire at home, you are not contributing to global warming, and with zero carbon emissions, a wood stove is the green way to heat your home. Gas and electricity are always rising in price, and with regular outages, it makes sense to use a fuel that is easily obtained, and this also allows you to be warm all the time, even during a power cut.

The homely feel an open fire gives you is something you cannot replicate, and there is no better feeling after a hard day at work, than to sit in your favourite armchair that is next to the roaring fire.