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The Many Things You Should Know About Sandblasting

Abrasive blasting, also commonly known as sandblasting, is one of the many different processes used for cleaning surfaces. As the name suggests, abrasive material is “blasted” at a particular surface in order to remove all sorts of contaminants from the surface. It uses abrasion to smooth up a rough surface and make it completely even. Abrasive blasting can also be used for shaping a surface accordingly, roughening up a smooth surface, or vice versa. Even though most will think the process is relatively new, it was actually patented by a man named Benjamin Tilghman back in 1870.

However, sandblasting has seen a lot of upgrades throughout the years. Today, abrasive blasting is done in a variety of different ways. Different materials and machines can be used for abrasive blasting, depending primarily on the work to be done and the application required. For instance, certain media is much more abrasive, while others are considerably milder. Moderately abrasive materials include glass beads or grounded plastic stock. Soda blasting is also used from time to time, depending upon the amount of abrasion required.


Since this is a specialised procedure, companies have to purchase specific equipment for use when carrying out abrasive blasting. The speed with which the abrasive material is being sprayed out needs to be controlled. Usually, a diesel air compressor is used when portable jobs need to be tackled. The air compressor offers massive amounts of high pressure air. In some cases, blast pots might be used as well when working on certain kinds of surfaces.

However, most companies also use something called a blast cabinet. It’s basically a closed loop system which allows the operator to recycle the abrasive. Four different components make up the system: the containment cabinet, the blasting system, the recycling system and the dust collection unit. The operator uses gloves that are attached to the cabinet to place his arms inside, and then views the part to be blasted through a window. In certain situations, automated blast components might also be used to process massive quantities of a particular component. Larger companies also have complete blast rooms, which is like a larger sized version of a conventional blast cabinet.


As you can imagine, sandblasting is a pretty dangerous job, and operators are required to take all the possible safety precautions. Most companies that offer sand blasting services generally take all kinds of safety and security measures to ensure their employees are not affected. Abrasive blasting can dramatically improve the appearance of any surface. It can be done on brickwork, metallic surfaces, and many others. You can request a quote from any company that offers abrasive blasting solutions. The company will first require the measurements of the area to be covered and will then give you a free quote for the work to be done.