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Mobility Solutions for the Elderly and Disabled

For many years, mobility solutions were exclusive to hospitals and homes for the elderly, and for those who live at home, there is little that could be done to make mobility easier. Immobile people that live in a two story home would typically have to use the ground floor only, as negotiating the stairs was out of the question. Modern domestic lifts and hoists have changed things, and for the first time, your home can be modified to allow a disabled person total access to all areas.

Domestic Stairlifts

The latest generation of stairlifts can be tailored to the staircase, and if you were looking for a curved stairlift in Hertfordshire, there are online suppliers who can tailor the installation to perfectly align with the staircase, no matter how odd the shape might be. If the home has three or more floors, a vertical through the floor lift would be a better option, as this allows access to all levels and bypasses the stairs completely. The online supplier would be able to send an engineer to your home to assess the situation, and once you explain your needs, they would be able to offer a range of solutions, and would likely have a showroom where you can test the range of models.

Vertical Hoists

If a person is unable to get out of bed, a vertical hoist with the track attached to the ceiling is the ideal solution, as once the person is lifted, the unit can be swung around to the position of the wheelchair and the person gently lowered into position. This type of hoist would also be used in the bathroom, and is an excellent way to get in and out of the shower or bath.

Established Supplier

Ideally, you would source an established company that services hospitals and nursing homes, as well as private houses. The reason for this is simple, any hospital or nursing home would insist on the very best, so by dealing with such a company, you can be sure of an excellent job. If you are interested in looking at various solutions, an online search would no doubt take you to an established company’s website and you can take it from there.

A Sound Investment

If you are disabled, or have an immobile person living with you, it makes sense to use technology to enable mobility, and with affordable solutions, a disabled person can quickly regain their independence. We spend most of our time at home, and if a person has mobility issues in the home, there are ways of allowing them to access every area of the home.

Reconditioned Units

If your budget is limited, the supplier might have some reconditioned units for sale, which would give you a considerable saving, and because the unit has been thoroughly inspected, you would receive a warranty.

If you, or someone at home has mobility issues, it is best to talk to the experts, and with a range of solutions available, you can soon make things a lot more convenient for everyone.