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New Ceilings Can Bring Life to Your Home

If your house is older then there is a pretty good chance that you have popcorn ceilings throughout. That’s because your home was built in a time when those types of ceilings were actually quite popular. Some people still like these ceilings, but a lot of people are starting to see just how dated they actually are and are starting to look for other options. Of course, that means they need to remove the ceilings they already have and though it may not be all that difficult to do, it’s definitely going to be messy.

Getting Rid of Popcorn

If you have popcorn ceilings in your house then chances are you want to look at removing them. Popcorn ceilings can be good for a number of things but not so good for some others. That’s because there is a reason that they were used and designed.

Benefits of Popcorn Ceilings:

Hide imperfections

Easy to do

Looks interesting

Deadens noise

Drawbacks of Popcorn Ceilings:

Difficult to repaint

Difficult to repair when needed

Difficult to clean

May contain asbestos (if older than 1977)

What to Do

If you want Popcorn Ceiling Removal Pensacola you definitely want to look at your options and how it’s going to work. Sure, you could remove everything yourself, but you’re going to spend a lot of time with it and it’s going to be extremely messy. That popcorn ceiling actually has to be scraped down because it’s actually layered over top of the real ceiling. You’re going to need to lay down a whole bunch of tarps and scrape it off with tools, which means you’re going to have to get right there in the middle of all the mess in order to bring it down. That’s definitely not going to be a benefit for you.

If you don’t want to do it yourself you can hire someone else to do it for you. A lot of people prefer to have a professional take care of it because of the mess, but it’s not always a cost effective method. If you’re not sure whether your popcorn ceiling is made with asbestos however, it’s extremely important to have a professional come over and at least test the material. Asbestos is actually perfectly safe until it becomes dust particles that get into your body and start to wreak havoc. You definitely want to be careful if you have asbestos.

Tying it In

Removing popcorn ceilings can give you the opportunity for an entirely new look to your home. You can get something that seems amazing and looks truly great. You can also just freshen things up to get a new idea of what’s going on and what you really want. The key is making sure that you are looking at all of your options and that you’re keeping your family safe. If you decide that you don’t like your popcorn ceilings anymore at least take a little bit of time to look into them and make sure there isn’t going to be a problem later on.