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Oriel Windows Open up a Living Space

If you plan to replace your windows, your upgrade should be as energy-efficient as it is aesthetic. Therefore, the windows you select should be A-rated when it comes to energy saving. Select windows that are available in a wide choice of materials, glass, frame colours, and securing fittings. In this way, you will realise cost savings and obtain the windows you like.

Some of the windows that are currently trending are bay windows, casements windows, vertical sliding windows, and oriel windows. If you want to replace your windows with a more traditional window style, then you may like the oriel window style.

A Smart Renovation

An oriel window is a type of bay window that features a prism-like shape that projects from the edge of a building without making contact with the ground. Therefore, this type of window enables you to add a bay window without ground support. As a result, oriel windows are often displayed on upper or second floors. As a bay window is an excellent upgrade to add, in terms of resale value, the installation of oriel windows is a smart renovation.

By installing oriel windows, you receive such benefits as added floor space and ample amounts of light. Therefore, they are often used in crowded urban settings or where space is limited.

A Customised Installation

If you choose to buy oriel windows in Harrow, then, they will probably be customised. Choose a large or small window design, or select windows that reach from the floor to the ceiling. You can also buy an oriel window that is featured above your countertop. An oriel window can also be included in a corner or nook.

Since bespoke projects are not inexpensive, you may want to try to buy your windows in a standardised size so you can reduce the cost of replacement. Any bay windows, as indicated, will be pricier. However, the incredible architectural design of oriel windows can be used, as stated, to significantly open up your living area.

Obtain an Estimate

The cost of the windows is also based on the materials that are used and the added labour. Costs can vary depending on the materials you select. Therefore, you need to obtain an estimate for this type of installation first.

What is nice about this type of bay window is that it opens up your living space without the need to tear down a wall. Creating an illusion of space, the window upgrade makes it possible to expand your living area, without resorting to a more expensive option.

Oriel windows also enable you to take in the view – even more so than a picture window. If you live near a shoreline, or enjoy a similar scenic view, then the addition of an oriel window will maximise the experience.

Oriel windows are also simple to maintain. To keep the windows in the best condition, wipe down the glass and frames, at least once a year, with a non-abrasive cleaner. Also, maintain a regular weekly cleaning schedule, using water and vinegar, and have any repairs performed, as needed.