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Specialists in Blasting, Coatings, and More: Make the Wise Choice

There are two reasons to put quality coatings on any surface: appearance and protection. When you make the right choice of supplier and material, you get both for a competitive cost-effective price. Of course, as any coating specialist will tell you, it’s also essential to prepare the surface correctly. If you don’t, the finest workmanship and coating material won’t be as effective as they could be.

So, who do you turn to when you seek experience and skill in this special field? If you’re looking for this service in New Zealand, you have an industry leader close to you bringing nearly half a century of knowledge and experience to each project. When you work with professionals at this level, your work can be completed in a facility purpose-built for the blasting process and the application of coatings. You can also depend on the top providers to carry out the operations anywhere in the country with the use of their mobile plant.

Accreditation, Certification

If you’re going to invest in abrasive blasting and protective coatings, you need to know that the professionals carry the support and backing of the leading associations in the industry. As you browse the website to learn more about the services available, look for membership in the Australian Corrosion Association and the accreditation of the Painting Contractors Certification Program.

You also need to know if they have the ability to handle projects of any size, which you’ll find is definitely the case with the well-known providers in this field. They should also be available to provide experienced and skilled service in fire proof coating and fire protection including two decades of experience in exterior application of fire protection to steel requiring rating. This provides necessary fire resistance ratings to structural steel, roof systems, and ship bulkheads as well as concrete slabs, partitions, and air conditioning duct work.

Of course, with a true full-service company, the skills and experience don’t stop there. Industry leaders also bring plenty of experience to the task of pipe wrapping, especially on an industrial scale such as major pipeline projects. As you browse the site of a top provider, you’ll also find that you have access to specialist metal spraying services such as the application of thermally sprayed aluminium.

Extensive Equipment Capabilities

Plant and equipment specialties that you have access to include ultra-high pressure water-jetting pumps, vacuum trucks, compressors, dust control, blast pots, airless sprayers, excavators, scaffolding, and waste removal. When the staff members are NACE- or ACA-qualified coatings inspectors, you can bring your most demanding job to these professionals and have peace of mind. Quality is at the core of each project from planning through to completion.

Within every industry, there are companies advertising their work as “full service” when, in truth, they are able to cover only a part of the entire range of services. A select few, however, truly offer every skill and process for their valued clients. As mentioned, if you’re going to invest in abrasive blasting, coatings, and other special tasks, you should learn all you can about the supplier and make the wise choice.