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Three Reasons You Must Repair Pot Holes

When company owners discovered they had serious potholes throughout their property, they knew they were not the only building with the issue. While the city fixed frustrating holes in the streets, businesses were left to hire professionals to fix holes on their private property. Company owners found it up to them to keep on top of their parking lot maintenance, and they found it easy to wonder why they should bother spending the money. After all, the pot holes only ever came back by the next year.

These same company owners, however, chose to hire the right companies for repairs anyway, for a number of important reasons. By doing so, they improved client experience and enjoyed multiple benefits on their property.


Pedestrians walking across your property must be protected at all times, both for their safety and yours. Although not all company owners think of this when they are first considering parking lot repair, they quickly determine it to be one of the most important aspects to take into account. Any clients parked in the parking lot must walk through it to get into your building. One fall might seriously injure a person, with bodily damage ranging from a sprained ankle to a fractured cranium.

Although companies truly want to believe in the integrity of their clients, they never know when a person might choose to pursue litigation against a company due to an injury. In fact, this common incident has happened so much in the past, that many lawyers build entire law firms to service clients with suits related to a pot hole injury. Although companies insure themselves against this problem, they should avoid this potential situation at all costs.

Prevent Damage

While hitting just one hole may not cause a vehicle much harm, driving over holes repeatedly can seriously damage a car. Often, doing so results in punctured tires or issues with the steering system alignment. Whether the holes on your property started the initial problem or not, a client or employee’s car that sustains damaged after hitting a hole in your parking lot will appear to be your fault.

Although companies face little likelihood of paying a vehicle damage claim, they do face the possibility so long as they allow holes to remain on their property. Pot holes have caused companies to take a hit in other ways, be it damages to their reputation due to client complaints, or the loss of employees because they could no longer use their car to drive to work.

Reduce Costs

Hiring a company to fix holes in a parking lot often appears to be an unnecessary expense to many companies, but they will actually save money in the long run. When holes are left untouched, they begin to grow. Water continues to seep into them, weakening the surrounding ground. When traffic drives over the holes, the pavement crumbles and expands the hole still more.

In the past, companies have found it more cost-effective to perform repairs for small holes rather than fixing something far larger later on. For this reason and many more, companies all over Australia choose to fix holes on their property the moment they first appear.