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Some Top Things you can do to Increase Your Home’s Value

Whether you are thinking of increasing your home’s value because you are planning to sell it or you just want to be more comfortable in your own abode, it’s important to choose your makeovers wisely. What do you really need to focus on, anyway? You need to determine what to prioritise so you can make the right decisions and not spend too much. Whilst different homeowners may have different priorities based on their personal preferences, there are some aspects that are agreed upon in general to enhance the value of your home in a significant way. So what are these improvements that are guaranteed to increase your home’s value? Let’s find out.

A central heating system

The great aspect about improving your home’s heating system is that you will always get a better return on your investment – worth a lot more than what you have spent. If you sell your home, this is one of the first things an estate agent or buyer will be looking for. The point here is to improve your building’s efficiency, so the replacement of an old heating system with a central heating system will also often include sealing drafts, adding loft insulation, and replacing single-glazed windows with double- or triple-glazed ones. However, if you decide to upgrade your heating system and have the above-mentioned improvements performed, be prepared to spend about £3000 to 4000.

Focus on the superficial imperfections

The changes you make need not all be major, though. Another way to increase your home’s value would be to focus on some superficial imperfections and defects, such as peeling paint, squeaky windows and doors, leaking taps, and so on. You don’t have to spend too much on these superficial repairs, and all you need to do is set aside a specific time to fix it. Go through your entire home to look for superficial imperfections such as the ones mentioned above as well as loose tiling or flooring, ceiling or plasterwork cracks, mouldy seals on bathrooms and kitchens, and broken windows, and have your tools handy.

Modernise your bathroom

One guaranteed way to add value to your abode is to modernise your bathroom. Once again, however, this need not be a major or difficult endeavour. Sometimes, all it takes to modernise your bathroom is to paint the walls a sparkling clean white or replace old light bulbs with new ones. But if you’re looking to improve your bathroom in more ways than one, you can also replace old toilets and basins with new ones, or replace old taps with new and shiny taps. You can also transform your shower experience with a new shower cubicle – choose a unit that is pre-built so it can be installed easily and is already fitted with shower necessities such as shower heads, doors and panels, and so on.